The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Gluten Free Indulgences at the Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel was built in the early 1900s in a wide open, empty space in what is now one of the most-exclusive zip codes in America. It wasn’t built because travelers needed a place to stay, but to actually bring people to Beverly Hills. The hotel was the draw. In a classic case of wagging the dog, it has done exactly that for over a hundred years.

Similarly, even though the Polo Lounge, the hotel’s signature (and equally-famous) fine-dining restaurant, doesn’t promote a gluten-free menu, it’s there for those who seek it. There’s not an actual printed gluten-free menu, but the servers, some of whom have been there for more than 20 years, are very knowledgable and accommodating.
In addition to the very tasty items shown below, there were a variety of other options for those with food restrictions. This includes oysters, tortilla soup, caviar, smoked trout and plenty of choices that could be adjusted accordingly.
My mother, (celiac) daughter and I recently splurged for a special celebration, pretending to be among the rich and famous. We’re now saving our 100s and wracking our brains to justify how we can visit again. Soon.

Three generations at the Polo Lounge (bread not gluten free)

Ahi tuna tartare with avocado, sea beans, dukkah, pine nuts, and gluten free bread

Moscow Mule, 'nuff said.

Ribeye, garlic mash, fresh summer squash

Wagyu burger, smoked blue cheese, balsamic onions, arugula, tomatoes, chipotle aioli, gluten free toast

Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and rich tempered chocolate

Pavlova with fresh berries, lemon curd, vanilla ice cream and edible gold leaf

Strolling through the stunning gardens and walkways of the Beverly Hills Hotel

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To check out the menus for the Polo Lounge, visit the website for the Beverly Hills Hotel.