The Inspired Traveler was created for those of us who have trouble staying in one place for very long. It’s for people energized by being on the road or by thinking (or reading) about being on the road. That’s me. I’m a hard-wired traveler.

I’m also a tourist on occasion. But there’s a difference in how travelers and tourists interpret experiences. Although we may visit the same sites, stay at the same hotels and wander the same museums, travelers endure challenges that (always) come with travel while tourists get frustrated. Travelers seek out the backstories or the roads-less-traveled, while tourists often check off a to-do list. This site is designed to inspire both but will skew toward the traveler’s life.

Of course, ultimately, what inspires us is personal. Maybe your life goal is to summit Everest. Maybe you strive to see the works of all the great Renaissance masters. Or maybe your entire travel bucket is filled with a list of diners within driving distance of home where you can eat big, juicy burgers. All legit! In the end, it’s not what we do or see, but how we experience and value it that matters. As Proust said, ā€œThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.ā€

Off you go with your new eyes, travelers. Go be inspired.

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