Public art adorns the walls of Stockholm's Stadion station, Sweden

Celebrating Public Art in the Stockholm Subway

Hidden Treasures in the Tunnelbana

The tunnelbana, Stockholm’s Metro, is considered by some to be the world’s most beautiful underground systems. Apparently it’s also one of the largest art galleries with 90 out of 100 stations displaying some form of art from over a hundred different artists. Here are 10 worth checking out, either virtually or in person.

1. Solna Centrum: the walls of this stop are covered with art representing issues relevant to 1970s Sweden: rural depopulation, deforestation and the new environmental movement.
2. Tensta: The art here celebrates the multicultural area of Tensta through the theme of solidarity and unity. Along the platform, the word brotherhood painted in 18 different languages.
3. Högdalen: This open-air station is decorated with over-sized colorful tulips created by artist Birgitta Muhr.
4. Kungsträdgården: This station has been transformed into an underground garden, reinforcing life and nature through the use of the color green. You can also learn about the history of the former royal garden and the long lost palace of Makalösa.
5. Universitetet: Artist Françoise Schein has taken inspiration from the Swedish Botanist Car von Linné’s writings and journeys and used them to promote a deeper understanding of democracy and human rights.
6. Hallonbergen: A child’s dream, this station features a number of children’s drawings that seem to have come to life. (And you can play hopscotch while you wait. Score!)
7. Stadion: A tribute to the Olympic Games hosted here in 1912, the Olympic colors have been used here to create a giant rainbow you’ll see as you walk onto the platform.
8. Thorildsplan: Pixelated tiles featuring symbols and characters from popular video games cover the walls of this station. A teenager’s dream?
9. Rissne: This station features a long walk through history with a timeline outlining stories from around the world through text and historical maps.
10. Tekniska Högskolan: Located by the Royal Institute of Technology, this station portrays advancements in technology and themes such as the four elements.
View a slideshow of the Tunnelbana art
Art in Tekniska Högskolan station of Stockholm's tunnelbana underground metro

Art in Tekniska Högskolan station of Stockholm’s tunnelbana


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